Rabu, 07 September 2016

Automatic Romantic

these chic and cute couple shoes made with love by the groom`s mother

Dear happy couples, how`s your wedding prep? Have you always been dreaming to get your wedding photo done in Bali?

Meet our automatic romantic couple, Saki and Kei! They chose Bali as the romantic set for creating their romantic pre-wedding photos. Happy couples, our Amanda Wedding team are always incredibly happy and honored to be part of your most special day.

Every couples has their own unique tales to share, so does our couple Saki and Kei. They came on set today with their own dresses and props for the photo wedding. We really love the well decorated casual canvas shoes they wore for the photo shoot on the beach.

Here comes the portraits.........

our flowery backdrop at Amanda Pavilion

picture perfect

love is in the  air

congratulations, Saki & Kei!

Groom           : Mr. MK
Bride              : Ms. WS
Makeup  and hair do by Amanda Japanese Professional Makeup Artist
Photographed by Yamamoto Takashi

Senin, 08 Agustus 2016

Keep Calm and Marry On!

the iconic Amanda Chapel

Dear happiest couples, met our happy honeymooner from northern part of Japan, Mr & Mrs Takahashi. A wedding photoshoot with Amanda Wedding is their first activity in Bali. We had special request from the bride for today photoshoot, a fresh flower head piece for the hairdo. Our team prepared each pieces of fresh white frangipani as requested by the lovely bride.

Classic white frangipani for a romantic flower hair crown, that's anything but basic

The photoshoot today taken at our very well designed Amanda Chapel and the tranquil Tanjung Benoa beach. Here comes the romantic portraits that perfectly captured by our talented Bali Romance Photo team.

casual pose inside the chapel

love under the coconut tree

as far as the heart can see

say it with a kiss

keep this happy feeling forever, dear Mr & Mrs!

me & you vs the beach

incredibly beautiful nature photo frame

keep calm and marry on!

Groom           : Mr. TK
Bride             : Ms. TM
Makeup  and hair do by Amanda Japanese Professional Makeup Artist
Photographed by Bali Romance Photo

Selasa, 31 Mei 2016

A Wedding Place to Remember

Couples, couples, couples!

Every moment is unique and worth to remember, and so does a Wedding

Is planning a unique, casual, and interesting wedding in Bali make you feel like being on a roller coaster?

Are you looking for a great place to have your private villa wedding with a breathtaking ocean view in Bali?

If so......... we suggest you not to miss our story today.... :)

For those who are planning and dreaming a private ocean view villa wedding in Bali, Uluwatu in southern Kuta has always been a top choice to be considered. Amanda Wedding Team proudly presents our latest recommendation of villa wedding venue in Uluwatu, The Sanctus Villa Uluwatu. The property can be reached by 30 minutes drives from Ngurah Rai International Airport. 5 minutes drive to the amazing Padang-padang Beach and the very famous yet iconic, Uluwatu Temple.

the villa 

Nestled on a high cliff in the tranquil Uluwatu area, The Sanctus is the home of the spacious and luxurious 2 and 1 bedrooms private villa with the breathtaking view of white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. The villa also offer you their spacious garden with a stunning landscape The villa is perfectely desigened and featured by floating living area, open kitchen and dining area, and covered terrace with garden and ocean view. The property also provide you a cliff front deck function area. Built over the pool at the edge of the cliff, this open deck is perfect for your private and intimate wedding.  Imagine saying your wedding vow on a specially designed open deck with an endless view of the Indian Ocean at sunset time?

stunning ocean view from the cliff front pool

the cliff front deck

the villa

                                                                                            cliff front pool

the garden

the pool

the villa pool

With the capacity up to 200 guest and IDR 6 million charge of  Banjar Fee, The Sanctus Villa Uluwatu is  your wedding place to remember, dear couples!

Kindly contact Amanda Wedding Team for the inquiry!

Kamis, 12 Mei 2016

Lovey Dovey Thursday

Duffy: Hi ShellieMay! 
ShellieMay: Let's be friends, Duffy!  

Couples, couples, couples! (~-~)

Warmest greetings from Amanda! Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday!
Let us share the story of our romantic wedding photo shoot (full package) today.

This lovely Thursday, we are delighted to welcome the loving honeymooner from Japan at our place, Amanda Pavillion. The happy couple chose a full day wedding photo package for their wedding photo shoot in Bali. This is a full day photo shoot package including romantic afternoon tea at Amanda Pavillion and a choice of romantic or flower candle light dinner at Lavender Luxury Villas & Spa.

The lovey dovey couple arrived at Amanda Pavillion at 12:30 pm. Yes, our full day wedding photo package is started at 12:30 until 8:30 pm. After having a welcome drink and getting informed about today's photo shoot, time for the bride to try and fit 3 chosen dresses.

The couple finally found the perfect dress for the beautiful bride. A white strapless faille ball gown with a pearls beaded flat neckline and classical sweep organza train from our A-series collection chosen is breathtaking. While the groom looks stunning in lighter shade grey tuxedo. Many people believes that lighter shade tuxedo is a perfect choice for daytime occasion.  Amanda provide you local and Japanese professional makeup artist to make your big day amazingly perfect. The choice is yours, couples! :) For today photo shoot we have our talented Japanese makeup artist, Miyuki, creating the fabulous look.

creating natural look and simple hair do for the groom

braids never go out of styles.... this eye-catching classic French braid is simply elegant

 Our Bali Photo Romance team executed the 1st session at the chapel, perfectly. We are happy to share our favorite moments captured by the team.

for God is the greatest LOVE of all

to the unconditional love & acceptance

 a smize (smile in the eyes) is an action of LOVE

After 15 minutes photo shooting at Amanda Chapel, we're ready for the outdoor photo shoot which will be taken at the beach and Jimbaran Monument. Our Bali Photo Romance team chose the tranquil Tanjung Benoa beach for today romantic wedding photo package. Tanjung Benoa beach is 15 minutes drive from our property. This formerly fishing village and trading port transformed into tourist spot in 80s. Its white sands and tranquil waves are so peaceful. There's also well naturally designed big trees in the beach area that makes the beach, a favorite spot for wedding photo in Bali.
between the shadow and loving soul

naturally framed by the greenery

a walk to remember

2nd set photo session's done..... we are ready for the 3rd set.... off we go to.............??

Jimbaran's Bajra Sandhi Monument 

The monument is actually named as Jimbaran's Monument of Independence War 1945. Built in 2008 to commemorate the Jimbaran people fight for the independence against Dutch colony in Bali. A fine example of historical Balinese Architecture. 

 a breathtaking frame for the stunning groom

perfectly beautiful frame for the beautiful bride

heaven's on earth

15 minutes has passed...... time to go back to Amanda Pavillion. Soon as we arrived, the couple are directed to our studio for an afternoon tea. The table is perfectly set and prepared by our home team. 

After 30 minutes break.... everybody's recharged and re-energized and ready to catch the sunset at one of our Bali Photo Romance Team most favorite spot, Kelan beach.

catching sunset

every sunset is uniquely different

a good day at the beach ended up with a romantic portrait framed by fisherman boat

As the sun goes down replaced by the moon and stars........ the couple and whole team now heading back to Amanda Pavilion for the night chapel photo shoot.

dancing queen

And.... it's a wrapped, couples! As we drop our couple off to Lavender Luxury Villas & Spa for a romantic dinner..... the whole photo shooting program is perfectly done.

cheers & bon appetit! 

Thank you very much dear Bride & Groom for choosing Amanda for your wedding photo shoot in Bali. It's an honor and a pleasure to serve you. And special thanks to you,  dear couples, soon to be couple, and those who still wondering where your other half is.... thank you so much for reading... hope you enjoy our working story....

don't miss our next story! :)

with LOVE........

Groom : Mr.  HS
Bride  : Mrs. HY.
Make up & Hair do by: Amanda Japanese Professional Make up artist
Photographed by: Bali Photo Romance team

Senin, 18 April 2016

Live, Laugh, Love

Dear couples, soon to be couple, and those who still wondering where your other half is....

Monday is always a happy day to start a fabulous week. We chose the word LOVE and LAUGH for our story today because our lovely couple are so in love each other and keep happily laughing during the photo shooting.

This shiny morning, Amanda and Bali Photo Romance team are very happy to welcome our lovely and happy couple who came all the long way from Japan to do their Wedding Photo Shoot in the island which has been a favorite destination of the bride, Bali. It's her 4th times to Bali but the most meaningful and exciting to her because she came with her lovely husband.

The happy couple arrived at Amanda Pavillion around 8:30 in the morning. The beautiful bride has been scheduling to try the 3 wedding dresses chosen at our fitting room, while the groom happily waiting to see his bride in the other room. Soon as they both found the perfect dress, the bride moved to our make up room to have her make up and hair do done by our professional Japanese make up artist. tik....tok....tik....tok..... taraaaaa....... here comes our lovely bride and groom ^-^

the happiest man

and..... here comes the happiest bride

2 hours later....... We started our wedding photo session at our beautifully designed chapel, one and only Amanda Chapel for 30 minutes. Our talented Bali Photo Romance photography team executed the project perfectly as always. Ya.... ya.... we know you are curious about the portraits we took.... therefore we are very happy to share the love and happiness captured with you....

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally-

to love, laughter, and happily ever after

if love is a treasure, laughter is the key -Yakov Smirnoff-

bless is those who are meant to be together..... 

sunny day+laughing lovely couple+beautiful chapel= a portrait from the heart 

Tik...tok... It's a wrapped for the photo session at Amanda Chapel, couples! A lively and creative session full of laughter and joy. Ok..... then... off we go to the beach!

Sun cream , cold water✓,  cold towel checked, beach hat✓ let's go!

Our Bali Photo Romance team has chosen the amazingly beautiful Tegalwangi beach in Jimbaran Bay area for today beach wedding photo session. The beach is next to Ayana Resort & Spa, the property where our couple was staying. Wow.... very nice choice, team!  Crystal blue water and clear blue sky is the heaven on earth for every photographers. Please enjoy these portraits from our Beach Wedding Photo session with the loving couple from Japan.

love under the Bali sky

Together is a wonderful place to be...

that loving kiss....

and.... it's a wrapped everybody! We drive our happy couple home to their hotel at Ayana Resort & Spa and our wedding staff assisted the couple to change the dress and tuxedo at the couple's room. Time flies and now it's the time for us to say goodbye. Thank you very much dear happy Bride & Groom for choosing Amanda for your wedding photo shoot in Bali. It's an honor and a pleasure to serve you.

Special thanks to you,  dear couples, soon to be couple, and those who still wondering where your other half is.... thank you so much for reading... hope you enjoy our working story....

don't miss our next story! :)

with LOVE and Laugh....

Groom : Mr.  YJ.
Bride  : Mrs. HY.
Make up & Hair do by: Amanda Japanese Professional Make up artist
Photographed by: Bali Photo Romance team