Senin, 18 April 2016

Live, Laugh, Love

Dear couples, soon to be couple, and those who still wondering where your other half is....

Monday is always a happy day to start a fabulous week. We chose the word LOVE and LAUGH for our story today because our lovely couple are so in love each other and keep happily laughing during the photo shooting.

This shiny morning, Amanda and Bali Photo Romance team are very happy to welcome our lovely and happy couple who came all the long way from Japan to do their Wedding Photo Shoot in the island which has been a favorite destination of the bride, Bali. It's her 4th times to Bali but the most meaningful and exciting to her because she came with her lovely husband.

The happy couple arrived at Amanda Pavillion around 8:30 in the morning. The beautiful bride has been scheduling to try the 3 wedding dresses chosen at our fitting room, while the groom happily waiting to see his bride in the other room. Soon as they both found the perfect dress, the bride moved to our make up room to have her make up and hair do done by our professional Japanese make up artist. tik....tok....tik....tok..... taraaaaa....... here comes our lovely bride and groom ^-^

the happiest man

and..... here comes the happiest bride

2 hours later....... We started our wedding photo session at our beautifully designed chapel, one and only Amanda Chapel for 30 minutes. Our talented Bali Photo Romance photography team executed the project perfectly as always. Ya.... ya.... we know you are curious about the portraits we took.... therefore we are very happy to share the love and happiness captured with you....

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally-

to love, laughter, and happily ever after

if love is a treasure, laughter is the key -Yakov Smirnoff-

bless is those who are meant to be together..... 

sunny day+laughing lovely couple+beautiful chapel= a portrait from the heart 

Tik...tok... It's a wrapped for the photo session at Amanda Chapel, couples! A lively and creative session full of laughter and joy. Ok..... then... off we go to the beach!

Sun cream , cold water✓,  cold towel checked, beach hat✓ let's go!

Our Bali Photo Romance team has chosen the amazingly beautiful Tegalwangi beach in Jimbaran Bay area for today beach wedding photo session. The beach is next to Ayana Resort & Spa, the property where our couple was staying. Wow.... very nice choice, team!  Crystal blue water and clear blue sky is the heaven on earth for every photographers. Please enjoy these portraits from our Beach Wedding Photo session with the loving couple from Japan.

love under the Bali sky

Together is a wonderful place to be...

that loving kiss....

and.... it's a wrapped everybody! We drive our happy couple home to their hotel at Ayana Resort & Spa and our wedding staff assisted the couple to change the dress and tuxedo at the couple's room. Time flies and now it's the time for us to say goodbye. Thank you very much dear happy Bride & Groom for choosing Amanda for your wedding photo shoot in Bali. It's an honor and a pleasure to serve you.

Special thanks to you,  dear couples, soon to be couple, and those who still wondering where your other half is.... thank you so much for reading... hope you enjoy our working story....

don't miss our next story! :)

with LOVE and Laugh....

Groom : Mr.  YJ.
Bride  : Mrs. HY.
Make up & Hair do by: Amanda Japanese Professional Make up artist
Photographed by: Bali Photo Romance team