Rabu, 09 Desember 2015

Sunset and Dinner

kelan beach sunset
Sunset is one of the best timing to take a photo. Photo effects will be felt more dramatically. This time we took photos at Kelan beach located just a view minutes from the airport.

Although many clouds in the sky, the sunset from this beach can still be seen wonderful.
the back light

We waited for a while after the sunset ends because in a view minutes after that the sky will reveal a beautiful light. You will see red, orange, yellow and other beautiful color in the sky.

After sunset photo shooting we continuing the program to take photo at Amanda Chapel.  

We spent 1 hour to shoot at Amanda chapel. then we went to dinner session at Lavender Spa & Resort. Lavender Resort & Spa have 8 private villa.

But, there is no private villa available  for this moment caused by so many tourists from China who stay in this Villa. That's way we have to change the dinner setup table to general pool area. But the settings in this corner is nice too.
dinner at pool side area

Although this pool status of a public pool, no people passing by in this area in the night. Our client still can have their privacy on their romantic moment.
Please enjoy your dinner Sir :)

Senin, 07 Desember 2015

Cloudy Day

Today photo prewedding photo shooting is not running well. The weather can be change every time. We have make some option if it rains today. But we are lucky, cause its just only cloudy day and we still can capture blue sky at other photo shooting location.